At Tettenhall Wood School we believe that it is important that all pupils attend school as much as they possibly can. 

Being absent from school means that pupils cannot learn and they make less progress. Being at school is the most effective way for a school to safeguard their pupils. Persistent absence therefore leads to poor progress and attainment. 

Tettenhall Wood School have implemented a robust system to monitor the attendance of all pupils. 

- The attendance of all pupils is monitored on a daily basis and a reason for any absence is recorded. Where a reason for any absence has not been given the school have a system in place to address this. 
- The attendance of all pupils is tracked on a fortnightly basis. 
- As a result of the tracking School identifies pupils who have an attendance below 95% or who have a pattern of attendance that is a cause for concern. 
- The attendance of this group of pupils is then RAG rated. 
- The school identifies actions to address the absence and increase the attendance. 
- The impact of the actions that have been implemented are monitored every two weeks 

School truly believes that working closely with parents/carers has a positive impact on attendance.