Curriculum Vision

The curriculum vision for Tettenhall Wood School is to develop happy, resilient and independent young people educated as individuals. This is delivered through aspirational teaching ensuring outstanding outcomes for each individual. The curriculum is an inclusive, broad and balanced offer which addresses the needs of all pupils regardless of special educational need, ethnicity, gender or ability.

British Values and Cultural Capital are at the centre of our curriculum, as both are key to achieving our intention ‘to support pupils to develop in to well-rounded members of society. The school promotes the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils and prepares them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life.

The school actively incorporates the essential knowledge that children need to be educated citizens and build a community out of mutual respect and understanding of those with different faiths, beliefs and needs. Therefore our school is one:

• Where everyone is encouraged and supported to achieve their personal best.
• That is welcoming, inclusive, having a real community feel and is a place where everyone is valued.
• Where our pupils and staff treat each other equally, fairly, with kindness and with mutual respect. At all times, staff and pupils are encouraged to show a high regard for the needs and feelings of others through their actions and words.
• Where our pupils and staff are enterprising and approach challenges with a ‘can-do’ attitude.
• Where the needs and interests of all pupils, irrespective of gender, culture, ability or aptitude, are promoted through an inclusive, aspirational and varied curriculum.
• Where the environment is safe and clean with everyone sharing responsibility for it.
• Where our culture is one of continuous improvement, creativity and enthusiasm.

Our curriculum strives to be responsive to each learner, and builds on individual strengths and interests. A rolling plan is in place, which supports a balance of stimulating contexts for learning through different learning experiences, themes and subjects. We engage all learners and focus on developing the key skills of:
• Communication and Interaction
• Cognition and Learning
• Physical development and Self-care
• Sensory Development
• Social, Emotional and Mental Health Development

All these transferrable skills based on individual outcomes and prior developmental learning aim to prepare our pupils for adult life so that they are independent and resilient enabling them to make a valued contribution to society including the world of work and living as independently and successfully as possible.