About Horticulture


  • rovide pupils with sensory experiences that relate to the world of ‘Horticulture’ Explore the seasons and weather through the senses. 

  • To learn through practical lessons how to grow plants, fruit and vegetables. 

  • Recognise the benefits of gardening and identify seasonal produce 

  • To develop horticultural vocabulary as with plant part and tool identification. 

  • To understand basic horticultural science- What plants need to survive and how they die. 

  • To work in a safe and secure environment recognising aspects of health and safety 

  • Learn to use, maintain and store personal protective equipment correctly. 

  • Learn to use maintain and store a wide variety of tools across whole school. 

  • Transferring their skills by growing, maintaining and harvesting fruit and vegetables to use as part as an Enterprise projects.  

  • Encouraging pupils to learn and transfer basic skills, including numeracy and literacy 

  • supporting pupils in gaining accreditation/qualifications linked to Horticulture and Enterprise 

  • Meet specific outcomes taken from Pupils Education and Healthcare Plans 

  • Improve the mental health by being in touch with nature. 

  • Developing pupils’ practical or social skills, confidence or self-esteem 

adapting projects to the needs of individual pupils 



Talentino Pre Entry- Sessions related to the environment and how it is beneficial to all pupils of any age and ability. It is an opportunity for your pupils experience the changing multi-sensory experience that the garden has to offer on a regular basis, something that Gardeners as a profession experience on a daily basis. It is also a session that offers more of a chance of familiarity within the experience for the pupils who need that; an environment that is widely used in school.

ASDAN Entry Level 1- session aims to engage in activities to grow and care for plants and follow basic safety rules.

ASCENTIS Entry1-Entry 3 Modules to be covered as part of the Independent Living Qualification: Gardening for Pleasure, Observing and Encouraging Birds, Knowing your Local Area. 



  • Evidence will be captured by photographs and observation sheets 

  • Products made through project based work 

  • individual portfolios of evidence of work 

  • supporting pupils to record their work in the form of a diary



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