Learning For Life Curriculum

Welcome to the Learning For Life curriculum. We see this as an exciting time for both the children and adults involved, aiming to provide play based learning

opportunities of the highest quality within a stimulating and caring environment.

Our Learning for Life Curriculum pathway aims to support complex individuals to engage in learning that is functional and meaningful to them.  The aim is that your child will continue to have the opportunities to develop their relevant skills to ensure they have access to the appropriate opportunities following school to have a fulfilled life.

The learning for life curriculum is primarily an access curriculum for pupils from National Curriculum Years 3 – 9.  The curriculum is focused around the seven areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage and Development Matters Framework:


3 prime areas

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Communication and Language

Physical Development

4 specific areas


Mathematical Development

Knowledge and Understand of the World

Expressive Arts and Design



These areas of learning are taught using a cross curricular approach within a 1:1 and independent learning environment. Your child will have regular access to sensory development environments across the week. Identified provision in your Child’s Education, Health and Care Plan is also in place to ensure their Outcomes are achieved and learning is truly personalised.

Non-subject specific experiences aim to teach the EYFS areas through play and exploration, structured routines (incorporating elements of TEACCH), effective total communication environments and learning to learn activities (Engagement for Learning). Self-help and independence skills are also taught using a functional approach. 

Regular observations and assessments are made in order to record progress, establish levels of attainment, inform future planning and next steps in relation to individual Educational Health Care Plans.

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Please click the link below to access the Curriculum Pathway document.