Moving On Curriculum

Welcome to the Moving On Pathway. If your child is on this pathway they will be in a Key Stage Four or Five class.

As with the other pathways in school, Moving On pathway has the four areas of need from your child’s Education, Health and Care Plan at the heart of its

planning on a personalised level.

Communication and Interaction

Cognition and Learning

Social, Emotional and Mental Health

Sensory, Physical and Medical


These are used to create Personal Learning Goals in order for your child to gain new skills and knowledge based on what has been learnt before. This is then taught through the core curriculum consisting of:


Functional English and Maths

Independent Living Skills

Computing including Online safety  

My Leisure and Community

My World of Work (Talentino/Asdan)

My Personal and Health Education including Relationships and Sex Education


This is then broadened by covering the following areas;


My Safety

My Health and Wellbeing

My Creative and Performing Arts

The aim is that your child will continue to have the opportunities to develop their relevant skills to ensure they have access to the appropriate opportunities following school to have a fulfilled life.

Regular observations and assessments are made in order to record progress, establish levels of attainment, inform future planning and next steps in relation to individual Educational Health Care Plans. 

Intent - The intent of the Moving On Curriculum is to prepare our pupils for adult life so that they are independent and resilient in a wide range of everyday experiences.

Our pupils develop their previously learnt skills to gain qualifications and accreditations so that they can transfer these across real life situations and a range of environments.


Implementation- All pupils follow personalised learning opportunities to achieve their EHCP outcomes. There are two interlinking routes for the pupils that will guide them to an appropriate qualification/accreditation. We deliver courses from Ascentis that will start at Pre-Entry and have the progression to work up to Level 3.


Impact- The impact of the curriculum will be measured by gaining the appropriate qualification/accreditation and also meeting the outcomes on the pupils EHC plan. The qualifications/accreditations gained and the skills that have been learnt will allow the pupils to actively participate in the community which will lead them to increase their independent life opportunities.

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Please click the link below to access the Curriculum Pathway document.