School Council

At Tettenhall Wood School, we prioritise meeting the needs of our pupils and actively engage students in contributing suggestions for their education, the school and the community. One way we achieve this is through School Council where we give our students a voice and the opportunity to discuss a range of ideas to reflect our high expectations and relevant to improving our school and their school experience.


We have recently re launched our School council team and throughout November, we have been seeking new School Council members who will form a committee to represent their classmates and attend regular meetings to discuss a variety of topics and ideas. All students from across the school were given the opportunity to join the School Council and final decisions were made by a vote held in classrooms for who they would like to represent them. The voices of our students are valued during our fortnightly meetings.


To maximise student involvement in School Council we also give all students the opportunity to share their opinions and use multiple methods as often as possible in order to nurture their self-confidence and independence. Below are some examples of some planned student involvement when organising events and utilising the opportunity to voice their opinion.


  • Halloween Party 2021: Students from Momentum class organised a Halloween themed party, they hosted the party and ran the games. They encouraged students and staff to wear fancy dress for the party and promoted the details on posters, which they had put on display.


  • Children In Need charity day: Students from Horizon, Deer and Momentum promoted awareness of Children In Need day by making and displaying posters around the school with the necessary information on. Horizon class produced a lovely piece of artwork to display in our reception area.

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Our current project

Students are currently working on a presentation, which shows what they like best about their school, how school makes them feel and finally what they would like to improve or change about Tettenhall Wood. We have discussed our collective responsibility as a group, which reflects one of our core school values.


This week students have written their scripts and taken pictures from around school to show their ideas. We cannot wait to share this with all of the students in school.


This week we have written an update to go in our weekly newsletter, our community Facebook page and we have sent an email to our senior leadership team.


Our plans for future weeks…

  • School Council suggestion box: All students across school will have access to the suggestion box and can post in any suggestions they would like discussing at the next School Council meeting.


  • Student wellbeing questionnaire: Questionnaires of varying complexities will be distributed to all pupils to honestly answer how safe they have felt at school during COVID-19.


  • Students are keen to launch some fundraising activities to raise money for a charity, these details will be finalised in upcoming meetings.


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