Careers at Every Level

Work Experience



At Tettenhall Wood School, we aim to ensure a high quality of vocational and careers education is to be delivered to our young people in a meaningful and appropriate way for their needs and circumstances.


Our vision is to increase the opportunities our students have of finding quality, paid employment in later life. Through pupil centred planning with the Education, Health & Care plans at the centre, we support students to articulate their aspirations for adult life, including for many their aspiration to work.

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C collective responsibility Pupils will be involved in planning and participating in projects to help the local community

H high expectations- Pupils will take part in a careers programme that will maximise opportunities and encourage them to reach their full potential
I Independence- Independence is promoted so that pupils can achieve their goals. The aim may not be for all to obtain employment but to provide the skills to lead a meaningful and fulfilling life. Pupils need to develop the skills to advocate for themselves.
L learn and reflect- Through
D dignity and respect- Pupils will have an understanding of the diverse world they live in and the job roles that are available to them.

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Pupils will be expected to record their work experience opportunities and have important information to support them whilst on placement.

Coffee Shop


The Tree Room Coffee Shop was set up in 2017, with the vision to:

  • To provide a service to the school and the local community

  • Young people to be fully trained baristas

  • To give young people transferrable skills for the future

  • To produce fresh snacks and drinks

  • To have customer service training

  • To increase independence skills

  • To handle money

  • To feel valued in making a positive contribution to society


Once we are able to recommence with the training we will adhere to the COVID 19 Risk Assessment to ensure the safety of the pupils and staff are priority.

Work Experience in school

External Projects-Leonard Cheshire Volunteering Project/Albrighton Moat


Pupils have been involved in a volunteering projects that required them to plan and develop an area to enhance the wellbeing of the clients that visit.